England encourages tourists to return

England encourages tourists to return

Reviving the economy through international tourism is the stated goal of a major promotion campaign launched by the United Kingdom across Europe.

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Within two weeks, online posters and advertisements will flourish in France as well as in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States. The British government has invested 12 million euros to promote the magic of the sidewalks of Liverpool or the highlands of Scotland or the coasts of Wales. Because in two weeks, no more tests or quarantines for doubly vaccinated foreigners: for them that would be the end of travel restrictions.

The Minister of Tourism himself is promoting the reopening of social networks. “The message is very clear, we are open to business again, he says in a video on his Twitter account. Whatever your reason for coming here: to see relatives and friends, do business or just discover iconic, world-class heritage like Westminster Abbey behind me and more. You will receive a warm welcome. what are you waiting for ? Book this trip!

The country is experiencing a record inflation rate not seen in 30 years, and Brexit is slowing international trade. Therefore, tourism is of particular importance to revive the country’s economic activity. For this, England is betting on a return to normal life thanks to Herd immunity and vaccinations.

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Two events are particularly highlighted. First, the Commonwealth Games, a type of mini-Olympic game with 187 nationalities represented, which will take place this summer, from July 28 to August 8, in Birmingham. But above all, the kingdom wants to promote the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee, the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s reign, from June 2-5. The government relied on the capital of sovereign sympathy to attract tourists at the time.

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