UPA Conference/Discussion: Islam and Science: Ending Compromises Espace Jean Vilar, 17 January 2023, Arcueil.

UPA Conference/Debate: Islam and Science: Putting an End to Compromises Tuesday, January 17, 8:00 PM Espace Jean Vilar
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The University of the People in Arcueil organizes conference discussions on social issues. Sessions are free and open to all (with no age or diploma requirements).

Espace Jean Vilar 1 rue Paul Signac – 94110 Arcueil Arcueil 94110 Val-de-Marne Ile-de-France

Describe :
The history of science in Islamic countries is reviewed to understand the historical context that accompanied its rise in the eighth century, then explore some explanations for the decline of Arab sciences and show the limits of the attempt of Muslim reformers in the nineteenth century. Restoration of the status of science. The historical debate between the Arab reformers Abduh and Antun remains largely topical and allows us to discern the position of many Muslims on the issue of secularization and the separation of religion from science.
conference led Fawzia SharafiPhysicist and professor at the University of Tunis. She is a member of the Tunisian Academy, House of Wisdom, and the Committee for the Creation of the Science City in Tunis. Active since the beginning, from the presidency of Habib Bourguiba, she was appointed Minister of State for Higher Education in the interim government after the revolution of January 14, 2011.

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2023-01-17 T20:00:00+01:00
2023-01-17 T22:00:00+01:00