End of applause for Scénic, Talisman and Espace in 2022

End of applause for Scénic, Talisman and Espace in 2022

Three emblematic models will leave the Renault range from next year. With declining sales, it will not be replaced as is.

It hasn’t been surprising to anyone since then Renault It was announced last year. The Scenery, space and incantation It should leave the production line at the Douai plant in 2022, without further details. French manufacturer and general manager, Luca de MioDon’t be afraid to take risks when the recipe stops working. Proof with the new MéganE, 100% electric.

double production

Interesting to watch name ventes of these three cars separately since its launch. in a 2017, Scénic and Grand Scénic approached 110,000 copies outside the factory. Today this number is divided by 10 (!).

same case for family mantra which saw its production drop from over 45,000 units in 2016 to just over 3500 in 2021. Finally, the worst has to do with Espace MPV. Its fifth generation of 27,068 cars was produced in the year of its release in 2015 almost to a standstill. Single 1,477 vehicles He came out of the series in the first ten months of the year.

The factory will be transformed!

In a more global context, theDowai Factory collage 49,053 vehicles in 2020. This is a far cry from the record set in 2004 with an annual production of 469,510 cars. This is why Renault will dedicate its buildings to creating the future Megan i TechAvailable exclusively with electric blocks. Therefore, marketing of the sedan will begin in March 2022. We can imagine a discontinuation date for the mentioned models around this period.

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For the most unfortunate, know that Scénic should not disappear completely and be associated with New electric SUV Designed for large families. The name ‘space’ can be used on Combi version of traffic, dedicated to moving people. On the other hand, for a Talisman who never managed to find an audience – what’s wrong with his traditional style? It won’t be renewed anytime soon.

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