Emulation already go to 8K

Emulation already go to 8K

The Nintendo Switch simulation continues. We are now talking about the ability to emulate games in 8K thanks to the option to expand the definition range.

Nintendo Switch OLED Platform

Nintendo Switch OLED Platform // Source: Anthony Winner – Frandroid

at the beginning of october, Nintendo Switch emulation has been talked about By allowing just-marketed games to run with better graphics quality and performance than the Nintendo Switch. A serious problem for the console is still being marketed. Even worse, it would be possible to pirate games from third-party publishers and play them on PC while the PC version of these games weren’t hackable, especially thanks to Denuvo’s protection.

The Nintendo Switch problems don’t end there.

Yuzu emulator is now targeting 8K

Among the Nintendo Switch emulators for PC, Yuzu seems to be the most popular and best maintained today. This emulator is developed by Patreon support software which allows some to access new functions before anyone else. This weekend, Yuzu’s latest release introduced an important novelty: a new precision scale.

This function allows the display definition of the Switch to be extended to very high definitions. Thus, a game that used to run in 720p or 900p resolution on the Nintendo Switch, could be expressed in 4K or even 8K resolution. While recent rumors still point to pregnancy The Nintendo Switch console that will be compatible with a 4K display, what can be allowed Theoretically an OLED switching dockPC emulation will really take you to the next level.

This change in the emulator will also correct several graphics issues. Only two titles are not compatible with this new view. These two are Crash Bandicoot 4 and Paper Mario The Origami King.

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It’s hard to know how Nintendo might react to the evolution of emulator development. Remember that creating an emulator is completely legal, downloading or sharing copies of commercial games is illegal.

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