Emotionally moved, Nagui pays a lively tribute to the man he owes his career to on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics.”

Emotionally moved, Nagui pays a lively tribute to the man he owes his career to on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics.”

Nagui took advantage of having a radio announcer on set. Don't forget the lyrics To tell a very touching story about a man who made his dreams come true.

After several weeks of uncontested rule, Justine was removed from office. Don't forget the lyricsthis Monday, July 1st. The candidate's journey was somewhat chaotic in the game, as she had the honor of returning to France 2 group after a production error. And honestly, she was able to return to the competition. It was Léa who finally took her place in the match against Nagui after a mistake Connemara Lakes By Michel Sardou. This Wednesday, July 3, at the premiere of the evening, I faced Anthony.

Naguib, unfiltered, interrupts the show to share a story close to his heart.

The latter confided in Naghi that he was a radio presenter, a profession the broadcaster knows well, since he first appeared on the airwaves and now works for France Inter in Original bandWhile the candidate tried to find the lyrics to Michel Berger's song, I want to sing for them, Naji took advantage of his presence to tell a story about the person who allowed him to achieve his dreams. “I don’t know if you believe this, but there are moments like this in life and I’m sorry that I go through them. And I have to do this, I’m sorry that without a filter, I say everything I think and everything I feel.” “It's rare that I talk about radio with a candidate who is a radio host.” He first pointed out that it was the word Anthony said in his choice of lyrics that made him react. “I just wanted to pay tribute to a man who is no longer in this world, but when I think of him, I wanted to say that. His name is Jean-Pierre Paty.” He is complete.

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Host pays tribute to great radio man

Naji then explained why he was so grateful to this man. “One day, I was really out on the street but without any work, you know, when you call on the phone, you say: “Aren't you looking for someone?” He burst out laughing on the phone and said to me, “But man, we’re just getting started.” You think we’re looking for entertainers when we’ve only been open a week? But I hear you on the phone. Leave me your number, you never know. I swear it's true, two days later he called me, hired me. “I swear I wouldn't have the life I have without him.” He ended his story a little moved.

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