Emmanuel Macron once again raises the possibility of sending troops, if the Russian army can “break through the front lines”

Emmanuel Macron once again raises the possibility of sending troops, if the Russian army can “break through the front lines”

The French President gave a lengthy interview to the British weekly magazine The Economist, published on Thursday, in which he specifically addressed issues of international security and defence.


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French President Emmanuel Macron during a press conference at the Elysee Palace, April 30, 2024. (CHRISTOPHE ENA / POOL / AFP)

French President Emmanuel Macron insists and signs the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine. “I do not rule out anything, because before us are those who do not rule out anything.” He stated this in a long interview with the weekly newspaper The EconomistThursday, May 2. There is no doubt that we were very hesitant to formulate the limits of our work towards those who no longer have them and are the aggressors.He added that the Russian army is continuing its attack in eastern Ukraine.

“We should not rule anything out because our goal is that Russia will never win in Ukraine.”

Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic

In an interview with The Economist

At the end of February, Emmanuel Macron had already announced that nothing had happened “Excluded” Regarding sending French forces, before that was determined, in mid-March “We will never lead an attack“.

“If the Russians can penetrate the front lines, if there is a Ukrainian request — which is not happening today — then we should legitimately ask ourselves that question.”The French President went on to explain the possible outlines of such intervention. “To dismiss this in advance would be to fail to learn the lessons of the past two years.”He added that NATO countries initially ruled out sending tanks and aircraft to Ukraine before eventually changing their minds.

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We would be wrong about credibility and deterrence vis-à-vis the Russians if we refusedEmmanuel Macron adds. I also point out that the aggressiveness of the Russian response to my words showed that this led to the desired effect, which is to say: Do not think that we will stop here if you do not stop. More broadly, the French President calls for greater European integration and cooperation on international security issues. “We must prepare to protect ourselves.”

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