Emmanuel Macron calls on Europeans to be "clear" with themselves

Emmanuel Macron calls on Europeans to be “clear” with themselves

‘We need to clarify and re-deal’ From the United States, hit the French president.

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On Tuesday, October 5, the French president, upon his arrival at the EU summit in Slovenia, called on Europeans to “be clear” with themselves in a The increasingly turbulent geopolitical contextLessons learned from the Australian submarine case.

“We must look at the decisions our allies make with clarity.”, the head of the French state announced at the beginning of the informal summit in Brdo Castle, close to the capital, Ljubljana. “There are options that have been made and I can’t say they are signals for thought.” from the direction of France and Europe, he added. The President referred to the conditions for the exit of US forces from Afghanistan and the AUKUS Strategic Agreement between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom in the Indo-Pacific region.

in this context, ‘We need to clarify and re-share’ From the United States, said Emmanuel Macron, who met Tuesday morning in Paris with Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken. “But we have to be clear with ourselves about what we want for ourselves, our borders, our security, our energy, our industrial, technological, and military independence.”, he added.

He said the discussion at the dinner menu among the 27 EU leaders should focus on strategy “to continue to work in good faith with its historic partners and allies but also to continue to increase its independence and sovereignty”.

Emmanuel Macron has confirmed that he will speak by phone with US President Joe Biden in mid-October before meeting him at the G20 in Rome on 30 and 31. “I think this will be the opportunity to see how we can re-engage”, confirmed.

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