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Penny Mordaunt confronts Emily Thornberry over trade

The Shadow Secretary for International Trade has come under scrutiny by other MPs over her comments on Brexit. During a Q&A session at the Department of International Trade on October 21, Emily Thornberry highlighted the New Zealand Trade Agreement, signed yesterday, which Boris Johnson called an “excellent deal”.

She claimed that Asya was “taking us to a cleaner”.

Putting the question to Penny Mordaunt, Shadow’s International Trade Secretary asked: “Is it true that New Zealand’s exports to the UK will grow five times the UK’s exports to New Zealand?”

“And that New Zealand’s GDP will grow by half a billion pounds while the United Kingdom’s GDP will not grow by a dime?”

She later added, “I’m just reading the numbers from our department, and there’s a real problem.

She was run over! Emily Thornberry is ashamed that she ‘denounced’ the possibility of Brexit in Britain (Image: Parliament TV)

She claimed that Asia was ‘taking us to a janitor’ when discussing the NZTA trade agreement (photo:.)

“This is the third agreement for the Asia Pacific region in a row – Japan, Australia and now New Zealand – where more than 80 percent of the projected growth in trade, by our own management, went to exporters. From these other countries and less than 20 percent went to Exports to the United Kingdom.

“The government says they are looking to Asia, I have to say Asia is taking us to the janitors.”

His comments sparked significant backlash on social media, including via the Portsmouth Tories Twitter page @PompeyToryParty, who wrote: “Double help from @pennyMordaunt this morning. Emily Thornberry and the SNP get verbally abused” alongside a popcorn emoji.

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While Cabinet Member Joe Porter, Cabinet Member on Climate Change and Biodiversity, took to Twitter to congratulate Penny, as Secretary of International Trade, he also criticized Ms Thornberry for her comments, saying she was “underestimating” the potential for Brexit.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Ms Thornberry discussed the New Zealand Trade Charter, which Boris called a ‘good deal’ (Photo: .)

He wrote: “PennyMordaunt has always been proud to promote our great nation, while EmilyThornberry continues to discredit our country.”

He also highlighted the impact of Brexit on Britain.

He added: “We are quickly becoming a global trading nation again, but we need to ensure that every sector in the UK can maximize free trade opportunities.”

After her initial comments, Ms Thornberry went on to suggest ways to rectify the situation, adding: “While the Secretary of State is still relatively new, will she sit down with her new boss and say his department is sufficient?

Tell him what we need are trade deals that benefit Britain, and tell them we need jobs, exports and growth. “

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Penny Mordaunt

Emily Thornberry’s criticism was dismissed by Penny Mordaunt during the session, (Photo:.)

It comes after Penny Mordaunt, MP for Portsmouth North, said the government is building markets, and over time the numbers will increase.

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She said the reason for this is “our belief in this [British] Companies and farmers who if we give them opportunities, they will seize them.”

Ms Mordan dismissed criticism from Thornberry during the hearing, who later said the deals would amount to £9 trillion for the country, and added that Britain hoped to strike more deals “to develop these markets”.

She said: “This is the whole point of leaving the EU, the whole point of crafting this plan for a global Britain and it will increase growth and prosperity in this country that will finance everything. This is important in this house.”

Elsewhere in the session, Benny Mordaunt criticized the SNP’s opposition to trade deals, saying she was “pessimistic”.

Emily Thornberry

The Labor MP’s comments sparked a huge backlash on social media (Image:.)

She said UK farmers “cared very much about animal welfare and I think they care very much about the environment”.

She added: “I look forward to the Scottish Government’s press release advocating the benefits to Scottish businesses from the New Zealand trade deal we discussed with them yesterday.”

She attacked the Scottish government and said they should “start talking about their businesses and farmers, and the food and drink sector rather than bring it down”.

His actions were praised on social media, with @emharris33 writing “Penny on fire in response to dissent on trade issues today – well done!”

JackRdsn claimed that Ms Thornberry was “very tough on the protective lines” during the question-and-answer session and added: “In any case, no match for Penny.”

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While @BenSwann16 wrote: “PennyMordaunt gets clear and succinct about the massive benefits of a New Zealand trade deal while SNP and Labor are promoting negativity and lies. #Back Great Britain »

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