Elon Musk: Tesla is doubling down on its fully self-driving pilot program

Elon Musk: Tesla is doubling down on its fully self-driving pilot program

Elon Musk says Tesla has doubled down on its fully self-driving test program with a new update coming.

Another person following him could see the size of the test fleet increase by a factor of 10.

Back in October 2020, Tesla started pushing A fully self-driving beta for owners on the ‘Early Access’ program, A group of Tesla owners who tested early versions of Tesla’s new features before a wider release of the fleet.

The software update was seen as a major step toward Tesla fulfilling its long-standing promise of making its cars “fully self-driving” with software updates over the air.

Although the update does not result in a truly self-driving car because the responsibility still rests with the driver, which Tesla still needs to stay vigil and prepare for control at all times, it bridges the gap with the autopilot driving the Tesla Highway features and enabling the system. Tesla driver assistance in controlling the vehicle on city streets and across intersections.

Tesla owners using the FSD beta can give the car a destination and the car will try to drive it there independently with the driver keeping his hands on the steering wheel and ready to take over.

Since its first beta version in Early Access, Tesla has released several new versions of the beta program and has gradually opened the beta version to more owners, but hasn’t had a wider version yet, and the rollout of new versions has slowed throughout the year. The past month or two.

Earlier this week, Musk linked up with a broader version of FSD beta To an updated version of the program coming next month.

The CEO has now said the number of Tesla owners testing the fully autonomous driving beta will double with a new update:

“If you want to download the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta to your car, let us know. Doubling the size of the beta program now with an 8.2 and maybe 10x the size of 8.3. I’m still cautious, but it’s getting bigger.”

Last month, Musk revealed that more than 1,000 Tesla owners are currently testing FSD beta.

Tesla is using the test fleet to provide real-time data for its neural network and improve performance.

The CEO did not clarify the timing of these two new versions of the FSD Beta program, but they are likely to be released within the next month as mentioned earlier this week.

Over the past few months, Musk has stated several times that he feels confident that Tesla will launch a complete Level 5 autonomous driving system by the end of 2021.

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