eligible for tolerance

eligible for tolerance

The painful afternoon of April 2 left its mark. Jean-Baptiste Aldigie’s harsh words some fractions? “We are here to do our job. In life, there is always a chance to make things right. The president can say whatever he wants, we are here to work,” Captain Stevon Armitage confirms on Saturday. “I haven’t read the president’s words, but I know his opinion,” athletic director Matthew Clarkin explains. I felt that the group, the staff and the players, including myself, were ready to question themselves. Ready to erase this spot in our season. »

“We only have 25-26 suitable players at the moment”


BO qualification:
-If he wins, draws or wins the bonus rewards against Toulon.
-If he gets an extra point and keeps a better average goal than Worcester (exempt) or Newcastle.
– If he gets the fourth place out of the three ponds.

Not spoiled for choice

The right to forgiveness. Some executives who are against the department will be able to claim it. If Toulon can “turn around”, this is not the case for Biarritz. Basque employees provide the possibility for their holders to redeem themselves, and he has no choice. “Those who deserve some time to play will be on the field. We only have 25-26 suitable players at the moment. We will put in the fifteen and twenty-third who can get the score,” sums up Matthew Clarkin.

The list of the injured was extended last Saturday. Thomas Copley, Biarritz’s top scorer (5 attempts), will stop playing this season due to a “calf” injury. He thus joins Lonca, Jonas and Artru who will wait for the end of Edge of the Field. “Every injury, even a moderately serious one, can mean the end of the season. Fortunately this week I saw some giraffes in the field. Second lines of business,” the New Zealand manager rejoices. Dear Joshua Terrell, injured since the victory over La Rochelle, is in recovery and back within days.

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