Electronic Arts is bombarded with “Gaia” after nearly six years of development

Electronic Arts is bombarded with “Gaia” after nearly six years of development

Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) is often portrayed as a bogeyman, but often has to make tough economic decisions. This also includes stopping one project or another. For example, it was brought up recently because of this Anthem fresh cell therapy The plug. In addition, EA has now also buried the “Gaia” (Business Title) project. The project was hinted at from Montreal early in 2015 and was aiming to create a new franchise. Evidently, evolution did not go smoothly after that.

The game lasted for six years. The last sign of life came in 2020 when EA offered a few seconds as part of the EA Play show and spoke about an innovative Triple A title that’s full of challenges. Well I got an EA According to Bloomberg But he lost faith in the project and development ended accordingly.

During development, “Gaia” is said to have arisen from scratch at least once, which then explains the slow progression. Initially, Jade Raymond led the development of ‘Gaia’ at Studio Motive in Montreal. Motivation was also another for A really good “Star Wars: Squadrons” movie Administrator. Raymond then moved to Google on the Stadia team, even if that was the case It was a pauseAs we now know. Raymond was supposed to make “Gaia” an open world title, not unlike Ubisoft Games.

Numerous internal tensions arose after Motiv absorbed development teams that had previously messed about “Mass Effect: Andromeda” and “Star Wars Battlefront II”. It is possible that the different styles do not work well together. Motive does not have to fear for its future despite the failure of the game “Gaia” which was discontinued before its release. “Star Wars: Squadrons” appears to have sold well and was well received in the press. Motive also continues to support other EA projects.

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