Electric small speed limiter: Formula E electric brake

Electric small speed limiter: Formula E electric brake

Formula E is based on a pure electric motor. What could be more evident than driving this racing series safety car electric. Mini built the new brakes on the basis of the Cooper SE.

If something gets out of hand in the Formula E on the slopes, the safety car has to run and catch the wild group. Next season, that task will fall to the shoulders of a new, miniature electric speedometer. The safety car that Mini developed with BMW Motorsport, FIA and Formula E aims to connect the brand’s electrified future with John Cooper Works racing history. At the same time, the speed limiter gives clear indications of how electrified miniature sports models will look.

Aero Bucket MGCW Lock

The extensive modifications make the MINI Cooper SE well suited to its function as a pioneer in the electric range. Whoever wants to be in charge of a racetrack needs big cheeks. Mini Pacesetter shows this on all four wheel arches with new extensions. Sill areas between auxiliary parts covered with carbon. Technicians install lightweight 18-inch forged rims with 245/40 Michelin Pilot sport tires and 10mm wheel spacers in the wheel arches to nearly fill the shape. Attach to the fully adjustable sport coilover kit. The rear apron of the next Formula E community shows a powerful diffuser and a double-deck rear spoiler, which also houses a traffic light system.

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18-inch rims have the same Formula E racing tires.

The front of the speed limiter appears almost completely closed. Only the apron allows air to pass to the boost brakes and picks up the wind in the wing, which is supposed to increase downforce. All extra parts are made of recycled carbon using the 3D printing process.

Chips add color

The color concept applied with the foil integrates the color worlds of the Mini Electric and John Cooper Works. The base color of the vehicle is a matte silver that runs behind the center of the vehicle. This is followed by a two-stage color gradient from high-speed orange to crisp red. Wheels, outside mirror caps and various other body elements are fixed in orange. Shepherd’s stickers complement the dynamic design. Of course, the safety car letters should not be missing.

Miniature electric speedometer


3D printer foam seat cushions.

The interior is reduced to bare basics. There are only seats in the front; A roll cage welded to the back opens. The driver is fastened to the racing seat with a six-point harness. The seat cushion is made of a 3D printed structure that resembles a foam. The digital cockpit provides the information. The steering wheel baffle and center tool should give way to the carbon caps.

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The center console houses the gear selector as well as the handbrake and controls for the necessary signal lights – all covered in carbon fiber. In the slim carbon door panel also with window organizer and door opener, the cloth loop makes it easy to close the door.

More power and more enemy power

Since Pacesetter is not just a title, but it is also important, the technology has also been refined. The lightweight, symmetrical construction reduces weight by only 130 to 1,230 kg. The improved electric motor based on the Mini Cooper SE delivers 135 kW and 280 Nm. The miniature electric speed limiter accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds (chain: 7.3 seconds), and the speed limiter can speed up from 80 to 120 km / h in 4.3 seconds (chain: 4.6 seconds). Mini does not reveal how long the Safety Car will last before the battery is drained.

Miniature electric speedometer


At 135 kW, the gearbox should collect the Formula E package.

However, what is clear is that the miniature electric cruise control will be used for the first time on April 10, 2021 in Rome as part of the second event of the current Formula E season 2021. Bruno Correa, the official driver of the FIA ​​Safety Car for Formula E, will be at the wheel. .

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A questionnaire

Yeah. After the first dominoes, the next dominoes will soon fall.

No. Other manufacturers will replace the dropouts.

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With Pacesetter, the Mini introduces the new Formula E safety car. If you look closely, you can see the next Mini JCW with a purely electric motor.

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