Electric plane achieves feat in New Zealand

Electric plane achieves feat in New Zealand

It’s a whole page in the history of aviation and the history of renewable energies that has just been written. according to Information collected by TechXplore, Gary Friedman Across the Cook Strait. Crossing in and of itself is not a feat. Others, of course, had done so years before him. However, he became the first to do this on an electric plane. The story of this enormous adventure.

The plane starts landing at Wellington Airport

Record expands the field of possibilities

The flight that took place this morning took a total of 40 minutes. A short duration, but more than enough to draw the attention of the whole world to a crucial point. To see humanity now resort to more ecological and less polluting flights.

situation in time. It must be remembered that the United Nations conference opens today in Glasgow, Scotland. This though Bad presentation by Google and Facebook who are trying to reduce the problem.

Gary Friedman achieved this feat on a small two-seater plane. This, almost a century after the advent of the first conventional flight of the strait connecting its two islands. For officials at Wellington International Airport, this is just a record.

Its spokeswoman, Gina Raeburn, thinks this may be the largest distance an electric plane has ever traveled. With the same peculiarity, the vision of the flight takes place through a body of water.

An achievement far from easy

Gary Friedman said it all got off to a bad start because of an unscheduled downpour. This forced him to wait 15 minutes in Blenheim, which was his starting point, before setting off.

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Thankfully, after that slight delay, I was able to take off thanks to a milder sky. Best, once you reach the ocean, conditions will improve completely with an impressive level of sunshine.

For Mr. Friedman, the technology in his plane worked very well. When they arrived, there was still enough power in the plane’s battery. That was nearly enough to make the return trip, while you’re still on the electric plane. However, the basic has already been obtained.

This eco-champion’s journey didn’t just start on Monday. The founder of ElectricAir said he’s been thinking about the solar plane for a long time. He didn’t find it normal to drive an electric car while driving a gasoline-powered plane.

For this, he went to Slovenia to acquire a Pipistrel Alpha Electro aircraft. After that, he had to fight for approval from the New Zealand authorities before he could use it. It must be said that the aircraft weighs only 400 kilograms and makes much less noise than conventional aircraft.

This forced Friedman to fly 305 meters above sea level, and he relied on a speed of 130 km / h to reduce the device’s battery consumption. The aircraft has a range of 1 hour and is also charged after this time.

Success is already being simulated

For Wellington International Airport, this represents the first in a long line of similar flights. According to its spokeswoman, Gina Raeburn, regular short-haul flights, in about five years, will be provided by electric aircraft. These places will have a capacity of 12 seats.

However, she insisted, adding that electric technology was not yet efficient enough to operate large aircraft. For this, it instead depends on Biofuels and hydrogen, which are true ecological alternatives to hydrocarbons.

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