Electric flying ferry in New Zealand

Electric flying ferry in New Zealand

Meridian Energy has chosen New Zealand's most famous lake to host the country's first electric hydrofoil ferry.

On Lake Manapouri, the Candela P-12, a new Swedish-built electric hydrofoil ferry, will provide daily transport for staff and contractors responsible for maintaining New Zealand's largest hydropower station, the Manapouri Power Station.

This new means of transportation is expected to save 240 tons of carbon emissions annually. An important asset for the plant, says Tanya Palmer, General Manager Production at Meridian:

We must be bold and innovative to reduce emissions. […] The Candela P-12 is a great alternative to the diesel ferry we currently use to transport people across the lake to the power station. It will significantly reduce emissions and, at the same time, provide our team with the best and most amazing ride in the world. »

The Swedish company Candela was responsible for supplying the P-12.

This electric shuttle ferry should be a game changer in water transportation, because it moves using computer-guided helicopters that reduce its energy consumption by 80% but also allow you to travel without worrying about seasickness since the P-12 is stabilized in real time by a computer system To control flight.

The ferry also allows high-speed travel without disturbing the shoreline of Lake Manapouri since the wave height behind the ship is no more than 15 cm.
In order to preserve the lake specifically, the company decided to use this technology. In fact, Lake Manapouri has been voted “the most beautiful lake in the country” and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site area.

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The Candela P-12 is expected to begin operating on Lake Manapouri in 2025.

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