elections.  Will New Zealand settle Jacinda Ardern’s ‘legacy’?

elections. Will New Zealand settle Jacinda Ardern’s ‘legacy’?

“Political leaders have been saying this for weeks: This election is close. And according to the latest opinion polls, the result will be worse than expected.” On the eve of announcing the results… New Zealand News Portal 1News Keeps the suspense going.

And for good reason: this extension allowed outgoing Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, leader of the Labor Party, and his successor, Jacinda Ardern, to make up part of the gap they had built up against the right-wing opposition candidate, Christopher Luxon, who leads the National Party. party.

Moreover, in terms of popularity, note 1news, “Main Candidates”They are equal in the eyes of the public, each at a rate of 25%.”.

But when it comes to the number of votes, New Zealand Heraldis marked to the right of the centre, He thinks the elections are over : “[Notre] Recent polling shows that the left bloc has no realistic possibility of winning power..

However, this does not necessarily mean a clear victory for the right: the coalition formed by the National Party with its libertarian ally Law will have to seek an alliance with the populist party, New Zealand First, which is already the kingmaker.

“Exhausted” voters.

It is undoubtedly no coincidence that in a democracy often described as ideal and peaceful, the all-in-one party is the key to elections. ‘New Zealanders are exhausted’ summary

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