Elden Ring: Riesenwirbel um geheimen Gameplay-Trailer

Elden Ring: A Huge Whirlpool of Secret Play Trailers

Not least due to a collaboration between Dark Souls designer Hidetaka Miyazaki and Game Of Thrones author George RR Martin, expectations for the upcoming RPG Elden Ring are enormous. Now, there are indications of the game’s first trailer that has made the rumor mill, which has nearly subsided, to ripen once more.

At E3 2019, Elden Ring was announced as a new role-playing game by Dark Souls studio FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco with a trailer. George R.R. Martin, author of Game of Thrones novels (The Song of Ice and Fire) contributes to the story of a third-person RPG with an open world to the game. So far there was no exact date or other details for the game and overall he was very quiet about the title.

Excerpts from the new trailer for the game

At least the rumors are thriving again now because the site Chronicle Video Games Today’s reports are of leaked footage from a previously unreleased trailer. The video is said to be circulating in online chat groups, but the site does not want to publish it for legal reasons. Gaming expert Jason Schreyer always immediately confirmed the new video material, according to which only an inconspicuous portion of the actual trailer appears.

As the VGC report says, it has to do with gameplay scenes that show, among other things, melee and boss fights in the style of the Dark Souls series. Bosses talk about a fire-breathing dragon and a mighty enemy who wields swords. There should also be a preview of the fights on horseback in an open environment.

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Meanwhile, at least excerpts of material for the photo that have been confirmed to be original by VGC author Andy Robinson have surfaced. The short, blurry clips show the aforementioned combat on horseback and the fire-breathing dragon.

Eden Ring was not expected before 2022

Meanwhile, there is still no official timeframe for the release of the game, whose development is said to have been delayed due to restrictions caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to an anonymous source, publication this year is unlikely But it is expected in 2022. The Elden Ring project actually started in 2017 after the release of “The Ringed City” as an expansion of Dark Souls 3.

The expectations for the news about Eden Ring were quickly boosted by comments from journalists Jeffrey Group (GamesBeat) and Jason Schreyer (Bloomberg). Group You want to hearThere will be a revelation on the Elden Ring soon. Then Sinister got an apparent delay as well. “Strong proofHe said the match would be shown soon. In the end, the leaked trailer material provides this evidence.

The trailer is supposed to be in March, but not at an Xbox event

When and on what occasion the trailer will be fully launched remains uncertain. Aaron Greenberg, in charge of marketing Xbox games, quickly let loose from the rumors that a new Elden Ring trailer could be unveiled at an Xbox event in March. Greenberg literally stated in a tweet in response to a related media report:Just setting expectations: That won’t happen.

It has been trading on Reddit recently The rumorElden Ring trailer will be out on YouTube on March 26th.

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