Egyptian Capital Championship – Tonight (9:00 PM) Classification match – Tunisia – New Zealand: The road will count!

Egyptian Capital Championship – Tonight (9:00 PM) Classification match – Tunisia – New Zealand: The road will count!

If Victor Lujici has his reasons in favor of security against Croatia, he faces the duty of attacking against an opponent who is far from fearsome.

In the second match, in a tournament even if it is a friendly one such as in the first round of the final stage of an official competition, the approach changes. An important factor to take into consideration is the value of the second opponent to be faced. In tonight's match between Tunisia and New Zealand, the goal will be the same: to grab third place to ease the disappointment of being eliminated in the semi-finals.

Better equipped than the opponent

But unlike the difficult battle in the first half with the formidable Croats, the balance of power tilted in favor of Montaser Al-Luhaishi and his men. On paper, Tunisia (41H World) is largely favored against New Zealand (103H in FIFA classification). But still, let's not forget that the Kiwis sold their skin dearly in the semi-final against the host country, Egypt, with the smallest score (0-1) and moreover from a penalty kick. What's gratifying about football is that a good performance, even with some flaws, makes you forget about the bad result and elimination where the luck factor was decisive. The duo of Montaser Al-Wahshi and Anis Boussaidi must make the right choices in the starting lineup and think carefully about impeccable tactical management over the course of 90 minutes of play to decide the fate of the match without the need to reach penalty kicks.

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In the selection aspect, the block must of course remain compact, the lines always close to each other, but this time we must play and press high and prepare ourselves with the means of this strategy appropriate to the case of the opponent who is playing in a 4-2-3-1 formation. This match represents a good opportunity to test a new attacking formula and a more attractive game with advanced players tracking their actions. The attacking pod needs one striker more than in the previous match against the Croats. This will push Montaser Al-Wahashi to move from defending with three players to defending with four players. Who will be sacrificed from the Gelassi-Brun-Al-Hadadi triumvirate? In the middle, the formula of Issa Al-Aydouni, Nader Al-Ghandari and Muhammad Ali bin Ramadan formed a satisfactory security zone, but it was also a good means of rapid transition between defense and attack. A pawn sacrificed in defense must be replaced with an advanced point in front. Saifullah Latif deserves a chance to start, because even if he misses a prepared goal, he has the dribbling and space-creating qualities that are essential on the lane. Which would keep Elias Ashouri as a central striker and push Hamza Rafia to the right lane. However, do we need a real edge and an experienced player in this match? Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri and Haitham Al-Juwaini lack their usual fire and sense of purpose, and this poses a problem in terms of efficiency in front of goal.

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