eFootball 2022 is now available in version 1.0 - News

eFootball 2022 is now available in version 1.0 – News

Even if you’re not a soccer player, you’ve probably heard about the chaotic starteFootball 2022 last fall. Passage of PES fire occurred in Free to play In addition to a new engine, the Unreal Engine, after a year off, Konami chose to modernize the workforce in its previous version. Full of fears, large gaps appear in terms of Playthis new version logically suffered from a barrage of green wood, forcing Konami to put it back in action.

So she returns on April 14th with a series of promises. The press release thus notes that the development team was going to work with “Research institutes in Japan“To improve the behavior of the ball on the field according to various factors. eFootball 2022 It will also include a new feature, which will allow all types of passes and shots to be supported by pressing a trigger and for a slower animation. His teammate’s pressure is finally back, as is the frame that allows the defender to stay ahead of his opponent.

This 1.0 version is a special opportunity for Konami to start laying it Dream Teamheir my team Derived from FIFA Ultimate Teamwhich will run on a seasonal basis, with themes for each new season.

While we wait to see for ourselves the potential progress of this new version, you can always read our impressions of what was eFootball 2022 In the fall, just to get an idea of ​​what work remains to be done.

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