"Education for Sustainable Development raises the question of the choice we must make for a French school for the twenty-first century"

“Education for Sustainable Development raises the question of the choice we must make for a French school for the twenty-first century”

to meWhen Emmanuel Macron announced, on April 16, in Marseille that his five-year term “It will be ecological or it will not be”Project view To make France a great ecological country, We are citizens committed to achieving the sustainable development goals [adoptés en 2015 par les Nations unies]We are involved in this project and would particularly like to draw the attention of the Head of State to the educational tool.

The “Environmental Nation” He has as prerequisites a national school and an environmental school.

The following is the subject of the first collective process of reflection by ESD actors. And we know how much Emmanuel Macron cares about the school, which just presented a new degree at the Sorbonne in front of the university’s deans, shortly before the start of the school year. [le 25 août].

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We are convinced of the need to view education in the unprecedented challenges facing humanity as a real priority within public administrations that transmit knowledge, in secondary education as well as higher and vocational education, as part of initial and continuing training.

Obedience to the logic of the intersection of knowledge and pedagogical continuity, education in the processes of nature, in life and in desired development, the basis of which is scientific first and foremost, brings methods of thinking, choices of values ​​and bearing factors of confidence and well-being, especially through the elements of response which every person needs to walk freely In all dimensions of his life, personal, family, professional, citizen, activist…

“Eco Nation” has basic requirements such as a national school and an environmental school

They spark curiosity and a desire to learn for their youngest by touching on the complexity of interactions within nature and living organisms, as well as the resources provided by technical creativity.

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Multiple issues during school life have to be studied from different angles, in proportion to the students’ ability to understand. It is also a motivating factor for teachers, who are difficult to recruit, train and motivate, as long as their freedom to innovate is guaranteed and supported.

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Entries do not lack: What is the uniqueness, nature, severity, diversity, and potential consequences of the challenges of our time? What does science tell us? What is biodiversity? Why is its erosion worrisome? What are the links between climate and biodiversity? What does the term “planetary boundaries” mean? What are the risk assessment tools, what are the criteria and what are the resources for designing any solutions for individual and collective life?

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