Eddie Jones (England) Very close to being knocked out

Eddie Jones (England) Very close to being knocked out

Team info. Weakened by the poor results of the Autumn Tests, England’s Australian coach Eddie Jones, who has an appointment with his captains on Monday, could lose his job.

Eddie Jones has just spent a few days in France visiting the facilities that will host England at the next World Cup (8th September to 28th October 2023). Useless stay? Can. According to our information, the Australian coach of the Fifteen Roses may lose his position, which he has held since 2015, and will not resist the sad autumn tour, with only one victory in Twickenham, at the expense of Japan (52-13).

Insufficient success and too light to balance an obstacle for Argentina (30-29), an unexpected draw against the All Blacks (25-25) and a loss against South Africa (27-13). The results of 2022 are disastrous, with seven defeats.

decisive meetingThis Sunday, Eddie Jones, who is under contract until the end of 2023, has an appointment with the FA’s big shots and will have little illusions. He knows his days are numbered. This is not the first time that his position has fluctuated, and his methodology and options have been criticized in the media or by the elderly, but the administration has been accustomed to supporting him. This time, when the Australian turns, he does not see or hear anyone coming to his rescue.

A few hours after the defeat by South Africa, Bill Sweeney, the great coach, was quick to comment on a bad November for his team, which was whistled by the Twickenham fans, at least by those who had never left the box before. The end of the matches. “We would like to thank the supporters of the team for their patience and support. It makes us something to see their reaction. Like them, we are very disappointed. Despite the high level of some performances, and the presence of great talents in the team, the results were not what we expected.”

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Warren Gatland is at the helm of Operation CommandoA polite way of saying that the coach hasn’t found the key to creating an effective combination and is therefore responsible for what happens. This statement is similar to the one released in March 2022, a few days after the disastrous tournament: “We are all very disappointed. We were expecting more. It’s a mixture of frustration and disappointment. We understand that fans are hoping for more. We feel we are on the right track.” Between March and November, the Australian tour saw two successes. But now everyone seemed able to defeat the Kangaroos, even Italy (victory 28-27).

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Who can replace him? The federation dreams of appointing an English successor. Steve Borthwick, current manager of Leicester FC, is the frontrunner. But the former assistant to Eddie Jones is not free and cannot imagine parting with his club during the season.

Over the past few days, the possibility of a commando operation led by Warren Gatland, the former Wales coach for New Zealand, has been raised in England. This Sunday, things should be a little clearer, and Eddie Jones will know if he will have more time to play his role as advisor to Japanese club Suntory Songoliath.

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