Echenzel: Claudius Muller with a regular spot on Echensel

Echenzel: Claudius Muller with a regular spot on Echensel

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Often, only the highest performers are considered the best performers. But what about the somewhat underpowered players who still have a high priority? We look at the often forgotten heroes. Today: Claudius Muller from FC Britannia Eichenszel in the German Bundesliga.

Ichchenzel – in fact it will be Claudius Muller Currently in New Zealand. After graduating from high school, he wanted 20 years With him Girlfriend He left for the other end of the world in July. But the first one of the eight came The Mueller BrothersAnd the Vincent, With his wedding in between. Then the trip must take place in September before Corona intervenes. The trip cannot start in January either because New Zealand has not opened its borders.

“I wanted to improve my English, and since I am very normal, we get up quickly New Zealand Faced. Everyone I spoke to said it was a great country, “he explains Muller His original plans. Hopefully, six months of “work and travel” will soon turn into two or three months of travel during the semester break. Previous time doing Lilac But good bridges, he earns himself one Rückerser Food Company Necessary change.

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But delaying the trip had an advantage: instead of being Tourist at New Zealand Become acquainted with the country, culture and people “ClaudeI am in Eichensler Britannia She thrived in a regular player. “When he was needed, he turned him over. In matches like against Bad soudn or Lichtenau He was one of the most powerful people. Coach Heiko RotzelWho started the young man nine times in a row.

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After his early years in Victoria Fulda: Claudius Muller became a regular member of Eichenzell

On Right-back– Hat position eh Brother Christian The displaced, who played there for years and meanwhile moved inland. “He is a team player and he was very happy, motivated and prepared for the opponent. Quotes are likely to come from Gabriel,” he explains Muller Smiling.

Interacting with his siblings plays a huge role anyway. Although he was in his freshman year Victoria Fulda It was used with difficulty due to the ligament rupture Muller To change League League. In the pre-season period it was used only sporadically. “I had to start from scratch after an injury and I was still very scared. I had a little consistency, often good games followed by bad games. 20 years Extreme self-criticism of himself.

As Britannia progresses further: Claudius Muller has ambitious plans for the next few years

And even the name was for the youngest Brother Muller Initially Burden: “There were actually three or four games where I said to myself, ‘You are a grinder, you have to prove something. “Just vs. Weidenhausen All five Muller Standing on the field at the same time, I really notice how cool he really is. It has always motivated me since then, as I mine every minute the brothers I enjoyed, “Be a soccer player Jonathan And the Jibril In a different league, but from Vincent, who is participating in it FT Fulda He soon learned: “Ambition trumps all talent.”

maybe Claudius Muller Now so we look with confidence to the future. Though it goes for Etchenzel This season to avoid relegation, in the coming years would like to be with Britannia But it certainly goes beyond that. “We have already proven that we can catch up with stronger opponents. That is why our goal in the future should be to play third and not have to look down every season.”

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