'Easy with demo' Stellar Blade developers say they're scared of players

'Easy with demo' Stellar Blade developers say they're scared of players

Game news 'Easy with demo' Stellar Blade developers say they're scared of players

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Stellar Blade's developers ask players to take it “easy with the demo”, admitting that they feel almost intimidated by them. If they are grateful, they advise them to keep the enthusiasm for the final.

Ahead of its arrival on PS5 on April 26, Shift Up made available a demo of Stellar Blade last month. This turned out to be the case A real hit with the players. Even the research company noticed this It outperforms one of the biggest machine giants.

Get ready for the arrival of Stellar Blade on PlayStation 5

Troubled developers…

According to an analysis by the aptly named Ampere Analysis, we know that today The demo was very popular. Attract more 690,000 daily usersIt even outperforms Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, which was It was able to return a peak of 380,000 daily active users. Following this revelation, the developers spoke out on X (formerly Twitter).

We are very grateful for your love of our game. To fully enjoy the main game, we ask that you take it easy with the demo. Over 50 hours of gameplay in the demo…we're afraid! – Shift up (to X)

Based on this popularity, the studio behind the game, Shift Up, recently told South Korean media outlet Ruluweb about it The title will receive New Game Plus mode After its release, he did not reject the idea of ​​DLC.

…and realistic analysts

If the results of the Amber Analysis survey are striking, according to Louise Woolridge, who leads the study, These numbers don't really represent final sales.

The hype around Stellar Blade – which is largely focused on its character models – may have led to excessive interest in the beta, and the conversion rate for paying users at launch may be lower than what we've seen for its competitors. -Louise Woolridge (Amp Analysis)

According to her, despite some similarities in genre, style, and thus potential audience, Star blade And FF7 Rebirth They represent completely different business situations. In reality, “Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is based on “An established classic with a deep-rooted fan base,” he said, adding, “This is a sequel, not a standalone game. It is therefore unlikely that so many beta players were simply drawn in by curiosity or hype, and the conversion in this case would likely be more predictable and warmer.

About Star Blade The game introduces a completely new license with no pre-existing fanbaseto prepare “Its performance is difficult to display“, according to the analyst. If the sales of the final game still raise a lot of questions, confirms Hyung Tae Kim, Director of Stellar Blade Wanting to create the best possible version of the title. He also reassures the players, specifying that the match “It does not require 'There are no additional expenses Which players do not know, other than the cost of purchasing the packageIf you want to know more about the game, and in particular how its director explains the unwillingness to tip, discover our dedicated article, otherwise, Star blade east Expected on April 26 on PS5.

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