EA just added classic games like Dungeon Keeper, SimCity 3000, and Populous to Steam

EA just added classic games like Dungeon Keeper, SimCity 3000, and Populous to Steam

EA has just added a large number of classics from its catalog to Steam. There are many strategy and management games from the late 90s and early 2000s such as SimCity 3000, Populous or Dungeon Keeper. Something to please all STR fans.

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Screenshot of Sim City 3000 Credit: Vincent Okasla/Steam

Yesterday EA had a nice surprise for fans of strategy and management games. Electronic Arts has published a large number of classic works on Steam such as Dungeon keeper, Sim City or Densely populated. Until now, these games have only been available on the hated portal EA Play (Origin) or GOG, which always feature free games.

Electronic Arts launches Command & Conquer: Generals on Steam

We will also notice the arrival of five games from the Command & Conquer (C&C) series. EA already released Command & Conquer Remastered Collection in 2020, but many installments are still missing.

It is especially greatly appreciated Command and Conquer: The Generals (2003) and its extension hour h Which is now on Steam. So a wise RTS game involving the US, China and the GLA in a global conflict is made more playable. Yes, we can't wait to hear.”Can I have shoes?“And the others”China was generousAgainst the backdrop of nuclear explosions.

These are also more retro but no less classic Copy Which is now available on Steam:

  • red alert (1996) and its appendices.
  • Tiberia Sun (1999) and its extension Firestorm.
  • The rebel (2002), the only difference so far in licensing in FPS.

All of these games, as well as those already on Steam, are brought together in the showcase Command and Conquer Ultimate Collectioncurrently reduced to -50% for €9.88.

Many old games from EA are now available on Steam

Likewise, like GTA The saboteur (2009) by Pandemic Studios, the city builder Sim City 3000 Unlimited (2000) from Maxis, Sci-Fi 4X Alpha Centauri (1999) Developed by Firaxis and the popular strategy game Amira: At the dawn of creation (1998) available on Steam.

Here is the full list of games:

  • Command and Conquer – The Ultimate Collection
  • Sim City 3000 Unlimited
  • Densely populated
  • Overpopulated 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods
  • Densely Populated: The Beginning
  • Golden Dungeon Keeper
  • Dungeon keeper 2
  • Alpha Centauri Planet Pack by Sid Meier
  • The saboteur

Unfortunately, these versions are just reissues. They benefit from no re-mastering or re-processing. EA didn't bother adding Steam achievements either. Furthermore, no multiplayer support was planned, as some of these games were at the time based on the defunct GameSpy. However, player-developed solutions exist, if you want to go back 20 years, to online gaming.

  • Last night, EA added several classic games from its catalog so far that are only available on EA Play and GOG.
  • The list of games includes in particular all the Command & Conquer titles that are still neglected by Steam.
  • There's also Dungeon Keeper, SimCity 3000, and Populous in the program, but those are just re-releases.
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