Duel comparison: Xiaomi G10 vs Dreame V11

Duel comparison: Xiaomi G10 vs Dreame V11

Regardless of the colors, the G10 and V11 share many points in common, and this is probably no coincidence because it should be remembered that the Dreame has benefited from the Xiaomi incubator for a while. Both offer stick vacuum cleaners under these references, with the motor unit positioned close to the wrist.

There is also multi-vortex filtration in both cases, two recharging methods – with or without the wall station – as well as a small circular screen indicating in particular the residual autonomy through a fairly complete circuit.

Xiaomi G10 screen.

The G10’s battery indicator isn’t very accurate, but the V11 isn’t.

In the event of an error, information about its source can also be displayed there, not losing sight of the level of suction power. Like the V11, the G10 offers three, and has an additional button to switch to continuous suction to rest the indicator that should keep the trigger depressed for suction. For greater comfort, note that the Dreame model is slightly lighter: 2.58 kg in the suction mode on the floor, compared to 2.75 kg in Xiaomi.

Dream V11

The Dreame V11 and the various brushes and tips that come with it.

Both models can also be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner and come with different tips and brushes. We also find almost the same in both cases, except for the main brush. It’s akin to a Dyson Fluffy brush on the Dreame side, when Xiaomi sticks with classic nylon bristles, but adds a surface detection system. Thus the G10 can automatically adapt its suction power.

Dreame V11 electric toothbrush.

The powerful Dreame V11 brush is reminiscent of a Dyson Fluffy brush.

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