Duel all or nothing!  New Zealand and South Africa will play their 100th game

Duel all or nothing! New Zealand and South Africa will play their 100th game

next weekend, All Blacksway Springboxes They will face each other in their hundredth match, I find it will be for The fifth round of the rugby tournament, in a playground Queensland Country Bank On Saturday 25th September at 4am (Argentina) the men in black will go to win the title.

after, after New Zealand’s victory over Los Pumas and South Africa’s defeat by Australia, Maori They snatched first place in the world rankings from the current world champions. As if that wasn’t enough, if cTogether, led by Ian Foster, you will defeat For South Africans, they will dedicate Champions From the competition until its end date.

On the other hand, the New Zealand coach admitted that he used his entire squad to go into the tests against the Boks in the best possible way. Despite this, the pressure continues Jack Ninabber Who Should Defeat The All Blacks Cbonus point For a chance to judge everything on the last day. If it is not subject to any modification, October 2 at the CBUS Super Stadium will be the date of what will undoubtedly be a grand final

We like to play games, especially with South Africa and I think it’s because of the respect we have for each other,” Head coach said New Zealand. What is more, boost He commented that not focusing on what a special game would be his mind wouldn’t be as number one. Both of them identified did not see the faces from the meeting in World Cup Japan 2019, when the Maori defeated 23-13 Springbox.

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The All Blacks have won their last eight games in a row so far in 2021. Knowing that they will now be number one again, arde saviia He said he watched it from another focus in the next match with South Africa: “My head is that we have to beat number one, not that we have to be.”

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