Dragonflight Alpha: Maximum Speed ​​of Racial Talent Dracthyr – World of Warcraft

As Sunders points out in a post to the Official Forums tonight, the flying ethnic talent will be altered in the next Alpha Closed build for Dragon Flight. Its maximum speed will be reduced from 930% to 640%.

In Dragon Islands, all characters of all races are equal in their movements because each of them can summon Drake from Dragon Islands. However, this is not the case in other areas of the game where flying stands are the primary means of travel. In the Eastern Kingdoms, flight speed is currently twice as fast as the 410% epic flight. Thus, Dracthyrs have a drastic advantage over other racing characters during non-Dragon Island content, be it Chromie quests, ancient raids on transmitters, pet fights, etc.

Height is an important part of Dracthyr’s identity. From the start of development, the developers knew that Dracthyrs should somehow be able to fly, although the details weren’t decided until later. But flying is also a racial talent, and this was not intended to be a tremendous efficiency or performance enhancement over other races. These two goals are somewhat in conflict: to make flying fun and to fulfill the dream of being a flying creature, but not to give a single race a huge advantage in most parts of the game.

During internal testing, the developers decided that this gear change does not diminish the enjoyment of this shift mode. The control system and gameplay that maintains the momentum and challenge of overcoming obstacles is still there, while also rewarding good use of Soar with the ability to travel faster than epic flight mounts. This perfectly fulfills both purposes – Dracthyrs can participate in the dynamic and immersive action of the Dragonback’s journey, but they are not able to traverse the continent twice as fast as the other characters.

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Alpha software allows for experimentation, testing and learning, and this often leads to change. Since Flight is an ability that will always be present in Dracthyr Racing, the developers feel it is necessary to reduce its top speed for the long-term good of the game.

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