Download 44 new games and keep them free for the month of October!

You know the song. Prices for new products continue to rise with each generation of consoles, which can make video gaming an expensive hobby. However, here at GAMINGbible, we want to make gaming accessible to everyone, whatever your budget.

With that in mind, we’re looking at the best offers, including freebies, you can get. It turns out that Steam is full of options. As SteamGamesPC pointed out on Twitter, there are 44 free games that users can currently download, with no strings attached. So, without further ado, let’s dive into what’s available.

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get the delicious Sea of ​​Stars game. Take a look below.

Then we have the roguelite Chapter 0 of Time Survivors, the introduction to the roguelite shooter Heaven Seeker, the visual novel Every Letter, the 2D platformer sun-rise.exe, the visual novel Last Chance in Xollywood, and the development software Dance Dash Beatmap Editor. And the strategy RPG Castle Empire, the introduction to Drunk or Dead 2, the medieval RPG King of Avalon, and the dungeon crawler Underlevel.

In the next batch, we have the third-person shooter Duskborn, the cozy collectible game Plant Therapy, the physics and manufacturing simulator Dropkick Navvy: First Step, the sports simulator BobsleighX, the 2D at-home platformer, the DeltaBlade 2700 Re:Create multiplayer, and a platformer Super Retro, Rec League Racing, Super Paul World platforms, and Wolf West platforms.

There is definitely something for everyone. Personally, I’m going to download A Minute: The Tinker’s Tale and Plant Cure. And what did you notice?

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