Dow Jones Futures: Stock market rally maintains gains with square, offshore and chipotle buy signals;  Tesla key-object test

Dow Jones Futures: Stock market rally maintains gains with square, offshore and chipotle buy signals; Tesla key-object test

Dow Jones futures rose slightly Tuesday night, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. The stock market rally took a break on Tuesday, retreating after strong gains over the past few sessions.


Royal Caribbean (RCL), Carnival (CCL) And Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLHThe late bloomberg rallied that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that cruises could resume this summer with certain restrictions. This came after reports indicating that cruise line operators would not have to request vaccinations for travelers.

Carnival, NCLH and RCL shares are up 2% -3% overnight, adding to gains on Tuesday and over the past several sessions. All three stocks are close to potential buy points.

Carnival earnings are due out on Wednesday morning.

Breakouts, new buy signals

Microsoft (MSFT), The social networking site Facebook (FB) And Google’s parent the alphabet (The Google) It continued holding its long range on Tuesday after Monday’s breakout.

Micron technology (Mo), Square (Sk), Sea Limited (I know), Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) And Yeti Holding (YETIAll flashing buy signals, at least intraday.

Tesla (TSLA) He hits the resistance after the last run. But Tesla stocks and other high-value growth names are showing signs of life.

Microsoft and Google stocks work IBD Leaderboard. GOOGL stock is on SwingTrader. Microsoft stock is on Long-term leaders of IBD. The Yeti stock is located in Defect 50 List. Google and Micron stocks are in a range Big Cap 20.

Dow Jones futures today

Dow futures rose 0.2% against fair value. S&P 500 futures rose 0.15% and Nasdaq 100 futures rose 0.2%.

Remember to work on overnight Dow Jones Futures And anywhere else it does not necessarily translate into actual circulation in the next normal cycle Stock market session.

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Coronavirus news

The number of cases of Coronavirus worldwide has reached 133 million. The death toll from Covid-19 has surpassed 2.88 million.

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The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has reached 31.55 million, with the number of deaths exceeding 570,000.

California plans to lift most coronavirus restrictions by June 15, but maintains its mask mandate.

The stock market rises

The stock market rally saw a slight bearish session that did not change the upside.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.3% on Tuesday Stock market trading. The S&P 500 lost 0.1%. The Nasdaq Composite is down less than 0.1%.

The 10-year Treasury yield decreased 6 basis points to 1.66%.

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The tech giants are holding up

Microsoft shares fell 0.5 percent to 247.86. On Monday, MSFT rose 2.8% to 249.07, closing at 246.23 fixed-base buy points, according to MarketSmith Analysis.

Google shares fell 0.4% to 2,209.26 points. On Monday, GOOGL shares jumped 4.2% to 2,218.96, also offsetting a Flat base, With the entry of 2145.24. Both Microsoft and Google stocks flashed at the start of last week.

Facebook stock fell 0.9% to 306.26. On Monday, FB shares rose 3.4% to 308.91, above the handle-buy point of 299.81 from the six-month consolidation.

Tesla Stock

Tesla shares jumped 0.1% to 691.92. On Monday, TSLA shares rose 4.4% to 691.05 after record delivery numbers. But this was near its session lows after hitting 708.16 intraday, and hitting resistance at the 10-week moving average. Tesla stock also needs to cross short-term highs in March and the 50-day streak before investors pay close attention to the 2020 big winner.

Top ETFs

between the The best ETFs, The Innovator IBD 50 ETF (fifty(Up 0.2%, while the Innovator IBD Breakout Opportunities Fund)fitDecreased 0.5%. IShares Technology and Software Expanded Fund (ETF)IGVAdvance 0.6%, with MSFT taking the lead. (VanEck Vectors Semiconductor Foundation)SMH1.4% fell after several strong gains.

SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETF (XME(1% down, Global X US Infrastructure Development ETF)cradle) Lost 0.8%. Global Gates Foundation of America (ETF)PlanesIt rose 0.8%.

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Stocks reflect more speculative stories, ARK Innovation ETF (Ark(Up 1.8%, ARK Genomics ETF)ARKGIt was flat. Tesla stock is the largest holding by ARK’s ETF. While TSLA stock has been calm on Tuesday, it has rebounded over the past several days, while many of ARK’s other holdings are also on the rise, including Year (Year), Baidu (Start) And square stock.

Some of Tuesday’s gains in ARK stocks may reflect declining Treasury yields. The rise in the 10-year Treasury yield has weighed on high-value growth stocks in the past few months.

Shares are in the buying range

Yeti rose 3% to 75.06 to 78.40 for the day. This was explained briefly by 76.87 grip point purchase. YETI closed directly at a downward sloping trendline, providing a stronger entry. The manufacturer of premium coolers, drinking gadgets and luggage has now restored its 50-day line last week. The Yeti was stocked on Tuesday IBD stocks today.

Square share rose 2.85% to 236.50, retracing the 50-day streak and breaking a downtrend. This can provide an early entry for the SQ stock. The official buy point is 283.29.

Micron shares fell 0.3% to 93.49 after hitting 96.10 intraday, to liquidate 95.85 entry for a brief period of short consolidation. MU stock was executable from the ten-week streak after the memory chip giant’s earnings and guidance last week. Micron shares rose just 4.7% above the 10-week streak.

SE stock jumped 5.2% to 247.03, and regained the 50-day streak. Depending on where you draw it, Sea Ltd. Also filters a downward sloping trendline. This could be an early entry in the SE stocks, which have an official buy point of 285.10.

Chipotle stock rose 2.4% to 1487.48, bouncing off the 50-day line and breaking a downtrend. This provides an early entry, with an official buy point at 1,565.01. CMG stock has had its best close since February 12th, but it needs to rally a bit to get past the March highs. Investors should note that Chipotle profits in two weeks.

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Market Rise Analysis

The stock market rally closed slightly changed on Tuesday after trading in a narrow range. After the S&P 500 consecutive gains of more than 1% to record highs and the Nasdaq jumped more than 1.5% for three straight sessions to clear key levels – with a number of strong breakouts – a calm session is fine.

Stock market rally paused for a few days should allow more handles to form on the bases, while recent breakouts could boost gains. As long as the Nasdaq index remains above its recent highs, especially the 50-day line, the uptrend remains the same.

The leadership of the stock market rally remains fairly broad, with some tech, chip, commodity, industrial travel, and some retail names doing well.

Some high value growth names like 10X Genomics (TXG), Sea Ltd. Or square arrows are shaped. More like Tesla’s stock, it’s still under 50 days, but early fixes are underway at least. Of course, just as some home improvement projects have not been completed, there is no guarantee that the next chapter of Story Stock will be happy.

Investors should participate in this market rally. Don’t expect a repeat of the April-September tour, but there are reasons to be confident now. As you expand your holdings and review your watchlists, try to have diversity within your leading stocks. This will help you avoid large portfolio moves from mass sellouts, while keeping you in tune with the market and leading stocks.

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