Doubts: Air New Zealand cuts 1,000 flights to Australia

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Airline Air New Zealand I decided to cancel More than 1000 trips Link New Zealand and Australia by the end of the year, due to the current health uncertainty at the border between the two countries.

The November 22, 2021 announcement in the local press by Leanne Geraghty, Chief Customer and Sales Officer at National Transport for New Zealand, is in its view a response to the country’s government, which recently said ” Unlikely to be a file Traveling without quarantine Between Australia and New Zealand start again this year So Air New Zealand had to take difficult decision to change its flight schedule over the Tasman Sea again. The airline confirmed that these massive cancellations will affect ” No less than 20,000 passengers She has booked before Christmas, while she said she still hopes to reopen the borders by the end of the year.

Customers affected by these cancellations by December 31 have a choice the average reservation; Can be those who chose a refundable ticket to pay off In full, with others taking credit for future trips. ” I understand how difficult this news is, but our hands are tied until border restrictions are relaxed, and we receive more clarity from the New Zealand government. Lian Giragati added.

carried out initially In April 2021 Then again in July, quarantine-free travel between the two countries was suspended again in September, in order to stem the spread of the delta variant in New Zealand. Then on November 1, a health restrictions Travel has been facilitated and quarantine-free travel between the two countries has been partially resumed. Wellington has officially announced it is abandoning its “zero-Covid” strategy in favor of “living with”, as Canberra reopens its borders to visa holders and citizens of Japan, South Korea and Singapore; Air New Zealand’s schedule from January is currently unaffected.

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A small consolation for New Zealanders, the border between Auckland and the rest of the country will open again on December 15 for vaccinated travelers, without the need to submit a negative PCR test.

Doubts: Air New Zealand cuts 1,000 flights to Australia 1 Air Journal

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