Donald Trump’s trial in the US Senate: Prosecutors warn of new violence from Trump

Donald Trump’s trial in the US Senate: Prosecutors warn of new violence from Trump

Prosecutor’s dismissal proceedings against Donald Trump He argues that he has shown no remorse for attacking his supporters. Therefore, a resurgence of violence cannot be ruled out if it is not condemned. Prosecutors also said that Trump supporters clearly followed the instructions of the then US president in their attack on the Capitol. On Thursday, the House of Representatives prosecution team filed statements in the Senate from various participants in the violent protests, who said they did what Trump called them to do. They accused Trump of encouraging his supporters to use violence in the past.

On January 6, supporters of the president-elect forced it Stormed the capitol building. Congress met there to see Trump’s successor be elected Joe Biden To be officially confirmed. Five people were killed in the riots, including a police officer. Trump had recently incited his supporters at a rally to steal the election victory from him. In this performance, he said among other things: “If you do not fight like Satan, you will have no more land.”

‘Incitement to riot’

The Democrats accused him of “incitement to riot” and began impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives. This procedure is administered and decided in the Senate. The Congress chamber takes on the role of the court. With this process, Democrats want to hold Trump accountable even after leaving the White House while ensuring that he is barred from future positions at the federal level. The precondition for this is condemning the Republican in the process. A necessary two-thirds majority in the Senate is currently not expected.

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Prosecutors began laying out their allegations against Trump on Wednesday, including dramatic video footage and an accurate account of the Capitol attack. You blame Trump for it Allegations of election fraud After months of preparing the ground for the attack, it finally instigated an outbreak of violence and orchestrated it in a targeted manner.

Prosecutors say Trump has won his supporters Twitter Actively ordered to the US capital on January 6 to protest the certification of the election result. He openly called them to “fight” several times and began their march on the Capitol. On Thursday, the prosecution team showed several videos with statements of those involved in the riots. One Trump supporter, for example, said, “I did what he asked.” In another clip, a Trump supporter shouted during the protests at the Capitol: “We have been invited here. We have been invited by the President of the United States.”

Representative Diana Digit said that Trump’s defense attorneys claimed that the rioters acted on their own. Replied, “This is not the case.” “You said you came because the president asked you to.” Also the Prosecutor, Jimmy RuskinHe emphasized, “They did what he told them to do.”

Through tweets and video messages from Trump, prosecutors also tracked how the then president reacted to the attack. On January 6, Trump called on his supporters to withdraw from the Capitol. At the same time, he said to its title: “We Love You” and renewed his allegations of election fraud. He later wrote on Twitter that such “things and accidents” had just happened when an election victory was stolen. It was only the next day that he condemned the violence, in the face of mounting pressure.

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Prosecutors accused Trump of showing no remorse, then described his remarks at the January 6 meeting as “absolutely appropriate.” And they warned of the continuing threat from die-hard Trump supporters.

The team also argued that Trump had previously encouraged his supporters to use violence. Video recordings of Trump’s previous statements were shown, in which Trump, for example, called for violence against rioters during an election campaign and promised to pay legal fees if someone ran into trouble because of it.

After the plaintiffs, it will be Trump’s defense attorney turn to present their case on Friday. They reject the prosecution’s accusations and describe the actions against the former president as unconstitutional. Transmitter CNN She stated, citing unspecified sources, that Trump’s attorneys only wanted one day to present them. The procedure is expected to be completed in a few days: depending on the course, as soon as at the weekend or beginning of the next week.

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