Donald Trump's call to vote for the Iowa caucus

Donald Trump's call to vote for the Iowa caucus

The former President of the United States is calling on his supporters to brave the bitter cold in Iowa and vote on Monday, January 15, in the Republican primary, with Donald Trump more favored than ever.

The Republican Party's primary elections in the race for the White House begin today, Monday, in the United States, with a party convention being held in the northern state of Iowa. Donald Trump, who plans to become president again in November 2024, warned his supporters: “You have to go to the caucus tomorrow… You can't stay home.”

“If you're sick as a dog… even if you come to vote and die, it's worth it,” the former White House tenant said.

This clip, which was monitored by our colleagues from the American parliamentary channel C-Span, quickly spread on social networks.

Because if he is the front-runner in the Republican primary, Donald Trump will be subject to the votes of members of his party for the first time since 2020. Therefore, his result will be a good indicator of the support he enjoys in the country.

Leading in opinion polls

But at the last minute, an unknown disrupts the equation for the preferred candidate: the cold. The entire state of Iowa is being hit by a blizzard and the thermometer is expected to drop below minus 20 degrees Celsius at the time of voting, with roads remaining covered in ice.

Will Donald Trump's voters, convinced of his victory, vote under these circumstances? Jeff Nicholas (37 years old) laughed to AFP: “If my car wants to get out of the garage!” For the truck driver who went out to buy a heater, only Donald Trump can “put an end to all the bullshit that's going on in the world.”

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Of the five candidates in the race against Donald Trump, two appear to have a chance of blocking his way: Nikki Haley, the only woman in the race and the right's new darling, and Ron DeSantis, the ultra-conservative governor of Florida.

Donald Trump will lead by a wide margin in Iowa at 48%, ahead of Nikki Haley at 20% and Ron DeSantis at 16%, according to the latest official poll published on Saturday.

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