Donald Trump tightly controls the Republicans - the senator expects a "landslide victory" in 2024

Donald Trump tightly controls the Republicans – the senator expects a “landslide victory” in 2024

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Donald Trump plans to deliver his first speech after storming the Capitol on February 28. Senator Mitt Romney sees him as an obvious candidate in the Republican primary.

  • Donald Trump He will deliver his first speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) after the storming of the Capitol.
  • Lindsay Graham Looking forward. The Republican stands after short doubts after the events Washington, DC Once again completely behind Donald Trump.
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Update from Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 3 pm: Dependent Republican Mitt Romney Forecasts Donald Trump “A crushing victory” if nominated in 2024 as Presidential candidate The Republicans will be raised. “I don’t know if he will run in 2024 or not, but if he does, I’m sure he will nomination He will win, ”he said in an interview Tuesday (February 24, 2021) with the DealBook DC Policy Project of the New York Times.

“A lot could happen between now and 2024,” said the Utah senator and former presidential candidate. republican. I look at the polls and the polls show that one of the names that will emerge as potential competitors in 2024 is President Trump card He will win a landslide victory with the Republicans. “

Should he run, there would be a “crushing victory” in 2024, Mitt Romney said. (Archive image)

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Mitt Romney He is not alone in this opinion. In a poll conducted by the newspaper “Politico” conducted in February, 54 percent of respondents said republicanThey are at the next area code Donald Trump Will agree.

Donald Trump at CPAC: Lindsay Graham ‘never felt better than now’

First report on Tuesday 23/02/2021: Washington, DC – Future Donald Trump It is not certain. However, many politicians carry republican Connect with the former president of the United States. In fact, Lindsay Graham, who is close to Trump, went so far as to describe Donald Trump as the “leader” of the United States the Republican Party Expectations, according to news portal “Newsweek”.

DONALD TRUMP: Lindsay Graham wants the former president to be the “leader” of the Republicans

Graham made some comments on this topic in “Hannity” on Fox News. Host Sean Hannity told Graham that many Republican politicians “are not happy” with the former president and “would rather go back to the old days.” Graham replied, “I think you’ll find that in the next few months Donald Trump The republican He will lead us politically and give us the energy to restore the House and Senate. ”

The Democrats They will “do their part.” if it was republican “behind Donald Trump Unite, we’ll win the Senate elections in 2022. But if we quarrel with each other, we lose. But there is no reason to lose. ”

Donald Trump at CPAC last year. Also this year the former president there.

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Donald Trump on stage at CPAC – Sarah Huckabee Sanders is there, too

According to Graham Donald Trump His will that the Republican Party At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The former US president is scheduled to deliver a speech there on February 28, 2021. The speech will be his first public appearance since then. Storming the Capitol On January 6, 2021.

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At the CPAC conference, next to the former president Donald Trump According to their website, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders will appear.

CPAC conference at a glance
History 25-28 February 2021
Speakers: Inside Mike Pompeo, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Donald Trump Jr, Ted, Cruz, Donald Trump
Place Orlando, Florida

US Republicans: The Senator has “never felt better” about Donald Trump than he feels now

“Trump is going to make a speech that will be very political,” Graham said. “everybody republican They must get together for that. I had no better feeling about it Donald Trump Leading the party as of now. ”According to Graham, Trump considers himself a” surrogate “to the Joe Biden Present. “I think he will give a speech republican You will unite politically. He spoke to all of them on the phone. I was there. He definitely wants to win in 2022. ‘(Marvin Ziegel)

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