Donald Trump, the big winner in the South Carolina Republican primary, Nikki Haley doesn't want to give up

Donald Trump, the big winner in the South Carolina Republican primary, Nikki Haley doesn't want to give up

Despite the crushing defeat, the former US president's last rival is still clinging to him. “I will not give up this fight,” Nikki Haley told her supporters.


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Nikki Haley, Republican candidate for the US presidential election, on February 24, 2024 in Charleston (United States).  (Peter Zai/Anadolu/AFP)

A harsh setback. On Saturday, February 24, former US President Donald Trump, once again nominated for the White House, inflicted a severe defeat on his latest Republican rival, Nikki Haley, during the primary elections in South Carolina. With more than 85% of the votes counted, the former real estate mogul led by a large margin, receiving about 60% of the votes. Nikki Haley, who embodies a more moderate wing of the Republican Party, lost in the state she had governed for six years. However, she has refused, at the present time, to leave the race for the Republican Party nomination.

“I will not give up this fight” Nikki Haley announced to her supporters during a meeting in Charleston, promising to continue doing so “Fight for America.” The 52-year-old's appeal, the only Republican in the race, is simple: “We will not survive four more years of Trump chaos.”

He added: “These types of offensive statements will continue every day until the elections.” The 50-year-old said, referring to Donald Trump's comments that the indictments against him made him a sympathetic candidate in the eyes of black voters. “This is the chaos that comes with Donald Trump.” Nikki Haley noted.

Accusations of racism after comments about black voters

The former president, a candidate for the November elections, was meeting with a group of conservative African Americans in South Carolina on Friday evening when he said: “A lot of people say that black people love me because they have suffered a lot and been discriminated against, and they see me as someone who has been discriminated against.” Donald Trump, mired in legal troubles, also said regarding his now-famous photo: “You know who adopted her better than anyone else ? The black population is incredible.

These comments were criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike, who saw very unwelcome connections between African Americans and crime. “Donald Trump took the stage to make shameful and racist comments.”He denounced Joe Biden in a press statement. On Saturday, after his victory in South Carolina, Donald Trump did not fail to target the current master of the White House. “Joe, you're fired!”He launched from Columbia, the state capital, using his favorite slogan from the reality TV days.

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Despite his legal problems, some of which put him at risk of imprisonment, the stormy septuagenarian is the right-wing favorite, according to all opinion polls. After Saturday, the two opponents must face each other on Tuesday in Michigan. Then, Republicans in Idaho, Missouri and North Dakota will vote in turns, in a well-orchestrated ballet that will lead the candidates into one of the biggest political meetings of the year, Super Tuesday, scheduled for March 5. While the first criminal trial of Donald Trump will begin on March 25.

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