Donald Trump sends a warning to the Republican Party

Donald Trump sends a warning to the Republican Party

When it comes to his name, Donald Trump wants control. This used to be the case in the business world, and the same applies to the Republican Party. Now I got mail from his lawyer.

Former US President Donald Trump issued several warnings to the Republican Party through his attorneys, according to US media reports. Reason: He wants to decide for himself when to use his name. Three organizations, the Republican National Committee, the Republican National Committee and the Republican Senate National Committee, have been barred from promoting Trump fundraising.

The Republican Party needs donations to have enough money in the war fund for the upcoming elections. On Friday, it sent two emails to its members requesting donations. In return, the sign on the greeting card was given to Donald Trump.

According to American magazine Politico, this was said to be outraged by it. After losing the election and impeachment, Trump is not good at talking to some parts of the party. After all, some senators and members of Congress voted for the dismissal.

Donald Trump is keen to use his name – after all, licensing his trademark was part of his business model as an entrepreneur.

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