Donald Trump compares himself to a “modern-day Mandela” and angers Joe Biden

Donald Trump compares himself to a “modern-day Mandela” and angers Joe Biden

Donald Trump claims he was muzzled by a “partisan” judge, presenting himself as a political victim.

a “Mandela in the Modern Age.” Donald Trump, a candidate for the US presidential elections next November and surrounded by legal problems, likened himself on Saturday to the former president of South Africa, who spent twenty-seven years of his life in prison. Donald Trump, charged in four criminal cases, all of which put him at risk of prison, denounced Judge Juan Merchan's decision to impose restrictions on his speech.

On Saturday, the Republican billionaire posted a very long message on his “Truth Social” network, in which he accused the judge “Violating the law and the constitution at the same time.”. But he made it clear, “If this party charlatan wants to put me in prison for telling the most obvious truth, I will be happy to become a modern-day Nelson Mandela – that would be a great honour.”He said, referring to the man who ended the apartheid regime in South Africa in the 1990s after being imprisoned for 27 years.

A comparison that the Biden camp received with denouncing sarcasm, especially since it came shortly after Donald Trump published a false drawing to the public in which he appeared sitting next to Jesus Christ. “Imagine being so selfish that you compare yourself to Jesus Christ and Nelson Mandela in just over a week.”The spokeswoman for the Democratic candidate, Yasmine Harris, mocked in a press statement.

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