Donald Trump: Bolton, a former chancellor, gives outlook - "Trump will 2024 ..."

Donald Trump: Bolton, a former chancellor, gives outlook – “Trump will 2024 …”

Is one of the concerns of the American Democrats unfounded? Donald Trump’s former security advisor, John Bolton, does not believe the former president will run again in 2024.

  • In Washington, there is accountability against Donald Trump. The verdict of guilt seems unlikely.
  • However, Republican John Bolton does not believe in the nomination of his former president in 2024.
  • In his view, Trump is very afraid of another election defeat.

Washington, DC – John Bolton has worked closely with Donald Trump for over a year. As a national security advisor, he helped the former president on foreign policy issues. Then he really messed with his boss, left the government and wrote an uninteresting disclosure book. Now Bolton provides his assessment of the second impeachment and the future of Donald Trump.

John Bolton on second impeachment against Trump: “a purely tactical partisan matter”

The conservative Bolton has been fiercely critical of the former US president since he resigned in September 2019. Not only did he consider the first impeachment trial justified, he also mentioned in his book that, in his view, he should have gone much further. Trump used to impede the judiciary. His opinion of Trump has not changed. But he does not see the necessity of the new isolation measures that began in Washington on Tuesday.

Shortly before he resigned from government, tension was evident between Bolton and Trump. At the time, the Ukraine issue was on the minds of the United States.

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“This operation is doomed to failure, and it is a purely partisan tactical matter,” he says in an interview with the news portal. He sees no point in indicting the president, who has already left office, again. On the one hand, Democrats would like to see Trump condemned for “incitement to riot”. The background is the riots at the Capitol on January 6.

John Bolton on Donald Trump – unlikely to run in the 2024 presidential election

An added bonus from a Democratic point of view is that Trump can also be barred from his position at the federal level in the context of a conviction. This should prevent him from running again in the 2024 presidential election. However, for the time being, a conviction and thus a ban is considered extremely unlikely. John Bolton is convinced that the latter would be superfluous anyway.

He explains, “I’ll tell you something: Donald Trump will not run again in 2024.” He sure is. The 74-year-old was very afraid of another defeat in the election.

He will never do such a shame to himself again as he did in the previous election, he is very afraid of it.

John Bolton to

Donald Trump’s reason: It’s not just a problem for Democrats

If Trump participated, contrary to Bolton’s assessment, it could cause an uproar. Not just on the opposite political side. The real estate businessman is increasingly controversial within the Republican Party. Some colleagues in the party do not share his convictions. However, on the surface, only a few hold this. This is because parts of the population still support Trump. Even now one does not want to intimidate these voters.

Sooner or later, however, there is a risk of a split between the moderate Republicans and the Trump supporters. According to American media, Trump is said to have even thought of establishing his own party. Then he withdraws his fans from the Republicans. Both his whereabouts and his departure are linked to the problems of the “great old party” that have not yet been solved. (I have)

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