Does the presentation at E3 2021 have a possible date?  -

Does the presentation at E3 2021 have a possible date? –

Eden Ring He could be the protagonist Presented at E3 2021 And it could even be leaked on the Internet History of an alleged “global revelation” From the game, even if the question has to be taken with a thousand pincers because it introduces various aspects that are suspicious to say the least.

The photo pictured in the tweet below appeared in the last few minutes and is talking about an official Elden Ring group bid for June 14, 2021So in the middle of E3 2021, which will be held specifically from June 12-15 this year. over there Presence From Elden Ring is a tangible possibility, in fact, considering the appearance of the updated official list of publishers present at E3 2021. Bandai Namco, Therefore his display should not be excluded.

But now we come to the elements Doubts Of the information involved, starting with the source that appears to be 4chan, which should really alert you to the authenticity of the thing. On top of that, the history is somewhat fishy: the fact that only the Xbox logo is displayed indicates a possible presentation during the Microsoft conference At E3 2021, also consider the possibility of a marketing agreement between From Software and Xbox for the game in question.

However, it seems odd that this conference will take place on June 14, which should be the third day of E3 2021, as it has historically always been included at the start of the show. So, there are items that suggest a fake, but the idea to introduce Elden Ring at E3 2021 is rather Likely thatAlso bearing in mind the popular trailer that was leaked on the network some time ago.

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