Does New Zealand need to change its name?

Does New Zealand need to change its name?

Maori elected officials from New Zealand want to give up this name, chosen by European explorers in seventeenthNS century, in favor of the Maori name “Aotearoa”.

Give us back our names Written on his front page on September 15 in Taranaki Daily News. The day before, representatives of the Maori Party (T Pati Maori) announced that they had submitted a petition calling for New Zealand to be officially renamed “Aotearoa”, the Maori name for the country, widely used But it has no official function.

the petition, which was quickly signed by several thousand people, also calls for Maori to replace English primarily as one of the country’s official languages ​​and for the names of Maori cities and towns to be gradually reinstated. “In the Taranaki area [dans le sud-ouest de l’île du Nord], Plymouth Defender Ngamoto, Stratford Defender Wakaahurangi and Englewood Defender Kohangu Moa”, It mentions the local daily newspaper that accompanies its front page of pictures of the major cities in the area.

“we, aborigines [peuples autochtones]We are tired of our ancestors’ names being misused, distorted and ignored.” The Maori Party wrote in the ruling statement “unacceptable” this alone 20% of the Maori population and 3 % of people living in Aotearoa” Spoken Maori, forty-nine years after it became the country’s second official language.


The Taranaki Daily News It is a daily general and local newspaper published in New Plymouth, the main city in the Taranaki District of the North Island of New Zealand. Founded in 1857, it belongs to the group since 1989

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