Dobbs.  A super blue moon lit up the Haut-Doubs district of Villers-le-Lac

Dobbs. A super blue moon lit up the Haut-Doubs district of Villers-le-Lac

At dusk, while the last golden rays of the sun were tenderly caressing the tops of the fir trees that crown the Franco-Swiss chain, a spectacle of rare beauty arose in the sky. The blazing glow of the full moon, appearing on the horizon, captured the eyes of astonished souls still awake on the night of August 30 to 31.

This exceptional celestial phenomenon was, as expected, the result of an extremely rare conjunction of two astronomical events: the supermoon and the blue moon. A supermoon occurs when our satellite comes as close to Earth as possible in its elliptical orbit, then rises into the sky in majestic splendor, appearing larger and more impressive than it would during its usual orbits.

Cosmic encounter

The full moon, a spectacle always awaited by starry sky lovers, generally appears every 29 and a half days. However, every now and then our lunar calendar surprises us with two full moons in one month. And at this very moment the blue moon appears.

What made this evening even more extraordinary is that this giant blue moon appears to us in all its glory without the slightest cloud. A cosmic encounter that only happens a few times in a lifetime, a celestial dance that reminds us of the grandeur of the universe and awakens our fascination with the infinite mysteries of space.

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