Do you sleep more to lose more weight?  It's possible, and science says it!

Do you sleep more to lose more weight? It’s possible, and science says it!

And so the secret to finally shedding weight was to put off the alarm by an hour?

how rebalancing nutritional Definitely not the most fun thing you can do. We should completely review our lifestyle, give up some foods to get into sports. The trap ? Link these changes to deprivation. This makes the process slower and We often end up frustrated and give up. The first rule is Ask our doctor for advice, to make sure we don’t jeopardize our health by wanting to lose a few pounds. What is certain, however, is that our habits certainly play a role in losing or gaining weight. According to science, one thing in particular can happen Promote fat burning. Spoiler: You’ll love it, and you’ll adopt it ASAP.

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Do you sleep more to lose more weight?

A study conducted by the scientist Esraa Tasali and reported by the magazine indicates that sleeping for longer periods would actually promote weight loss. For this survey, it was I asked a group of young people who are overweight Getting used to sleeping less than 6.5 hours a night sleep an extra hour. They also benefited from personalized advice aimed at improving their sleep habits. consequences ? The researchers found that this extra hour of sleep allowed the participants to do so sReduce calories by 270 calories per day on average in contrast to the second control group.

Why increase your share of sleep?

This habit is clearly effective in the long run. We won’t lose 5 kilos by sleeping an extra hour for a week. However, it is a huge loss 12 kilos after 3 years we will see ! because ? Increasing the time spent sleeping necessarily reduces the time spent eating. Another important reason: Sleep is also known to regulate appetite. And since excess food is considered the main factor in weight gain, the conclusion is clear: it works!


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