Do you have an Asustor NAS?  It’s better to separate it now

Do you have an Asustor NAS? It’s better to separate it now

The Taiwanese company’s NAS company recently fell victim to such attacks ransomware
. Attackers target the user’s NAS and encrypt its contents. Then they send a ransom letter requesting payment Bitcoin
To reopen access to this data.

At the moment, Asustor seems particularly upset and has offered no other instructions than to disconnect the NAS from the Internet. Of course, the NAS used exclusively domestically has no chance of being affected by the attack that specialists called DeadBolt.

Asustor specifies that it is a fix, and if it is advised to remain cautious, it appears that the problem is specifically related to the EZ Connect tool. Quite a symptom of it, even the demo of the NAS interface on the Asustor website could have been infected: it was also picked up by the manufacturer.

Asustor has not published any official list of NAS victims. However, affected users have made it possible to create one: the AS5304T, AS6204T, AS6404T, AS5104T, and AS7004T. Of course, this does not mean that others are safe, and we recommend that all Asustor users disconnect their NAS from the Internet for the time being.

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