Do you consume some of New Zealand’s most popular fruits?

Fruit is extremely good for us. In fact, scientific research suggests that fruit is a great source of vital minerals and vitamins while also providing dietary fibre. In New Zealand, there are some fruits that are certainly more popular than others, too.

Although awareness around fruit consumption is there, not enough people on Earth are munching it on a daily basis. While the appeal of watching fruit-themed desserts being cooked up on television, settling down to watch animated masterpieces like Fruitville, and playing games like Fruit Ninja and fruit-themed slots like Stickers, a retro title from NetEnt, is understandable, actually eating fruit also needs to be high up on the list. On the whole, though, New Zealand is a nation of fruit lovers, particularly given the country’s strong selection of fruit to get through.

Kiwis eat more bananas than any other fruit

A popular fruit around the world, kiwis consume more bananas than any other fruit available for purchase in the country. In fact, according to research by Statistics NZ, New Zealanders spend more on bananas than any other fruit, getting through a staggering 18kg of them every year. Some people even grow bananas in their back gardens, although New Zealand’s climate doesn’t necessarily result in the most delicious bananas to consume. As such, many of the imported bananas come from nations like the Philippines, with the tropical climate on offer in these territories helping bananas to grow in the best way possible.

Apples and oranges are next in the rankings

Although they differ in terms of taste and flavour, apples and oranges are the next most popular fruits in New Zealand. With both fruits offering a number of health benefits alongside the taste sensation they undoubtedly provide, they’re an entirely understandable choice from the public. Popular for breakfast and as an afternoon snack, around $98.4 million worth of apples are consumed every year, while $41.7 million is brought in through people devouring oranges on a regular basis. These delicious fruity treats are packed full of goodness and enable kiwis to munch down on a homegrown snack. A fact many people wouldn’t know unless they look closely at the packet before purchasing the most eye-catching of apples, but many apples are actually grown in New Zealand. For example, much-loved brands like Pacific and Envy are from the country and are actually New Zealand’s second-biggest export in the fruit world.

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Kiwifruit is the country’s biggest fruit export

You’ve probably guessed it, but kiwifruit is New Zealand’s biggest and best fruit export. While kiwis also consume the fruit in the country, it’s around the world where it’s perhaps most in demand. For instance, in 2019 alone, this particular area’s exports resulted in revenues of $2.3 billion, with around 545,800 tonnes of the distinctive-looking fruit being exported every year. While the debate will rumble on as to where exactly the kiwifruit comes from, there is no denying just how popular it is. In China alone in 2019, they imported 123,000 tons that were worth $436 million, with some of kiwifruit on offer coming from New Zealand.

Kiwi grape is also in demand

Also eaten by consumers in the country, kiwi grape is responsible for producing some of the best wine in the world. In terms of their health benefits, while wine consumption isn’t exactly the same as eating the fruit in its purest form, the kiwi grape is responsible for New Zealand’s thriving wine industry that brings in $1.8 billion a year. People also add kiwi grape to their breakfast bowls in the morning, with the country’s grape being responsible for some delicious offerings over the years.

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