Do not weaken the mobilization against passing the health before Parliament

Do not weaken the mobilization against passing the health before Parliament

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On the 10th day of mobilization for New Zealand’s ‘Freedom Caravan’ and despite Hurricane Duffy hitting Wellington last weekend, movement hasn’t waned. More than 3,000 tents are now being erected in Parliament Square, which looks like an unsanitary village. Unprecedented mobilization for this country.

With our correspondent in Wellington, Richard Tendler

A hairdresser, a grocery store, a health center and soon even a school… Protesters are organizing against sewage cards.

Like Angelique, who was a hairdresser before losing her job following government action. ” I arrived last Saturday with my scissors. I didn’t think it would be so lively. But we had people queuing for hours to get their hair cut. It’s incredible! ‘, rejoice.

In the alleys of what now looks like a village, Lucy, a former teacher, has set up between two tents what could soon look like a school. ” We’ve been here for a while and there are a lot of kids on site. So we thought it would be nice to have something more formal. Here, it will be like a little school. We have many teachers who have lost their jobs. So that we can prepare a school program for children ’ explains the young woman.

Around Parliament, many businesses had to close their doors due to trucks blocking roads. Susan owns a clothing store. After various confinement, this event, for her, is a real blow. ” It is really quiet! Customers can’t come or don’t want to come. We really hope it’s back to normal! ‘, she regrets.

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The government announced the readiness of the army’s mechanisms to end the siege in the capital. Negotiations are currently underway between the demonstrators and members of Parliament.

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