Disney opposes ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law, Florida Ends Favorite Disney World Status

Florida’s governor has signed legislation ending Disney World’s favorite mode. The decision comes shortly after Disney took a stand against a conservative law.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday signed into law a law, which will go into effect in June 2023, that revokes Disney World’s preferred status. This legislation follows the entertainment giant’s progressive stance, and is not held in high esteem by elected Republicans.

Le statut spécial dans le collimateur du texte fut octroyé à Disney à l’époque de la construction du site de loisirs Disney World dans les années 1960. Il lui offrait une large autonomie de gestion locale et l’exempte de la plupart des règlements ‘condition.

Relations between Ron DeSantis and Disney recently soured after Disney CEO Bob Chabek spoke out against a governor-sponsored law banning the teaching of subjects related to sexual orientation or gender identity in elementary school. Opponents of this text call it “Don’t say like me” (“Don’t talk about gays”).

Disney’s inner packing

At first, Bob Chuck was reluctant to take a stand on the script, according to a leaked internal memo. Then Disney employees demonstrated against the group’s “apathy” and calls for a boycott began spreading on social media, eventually leading the CEO to go out against the law.

“You are a company based in Burbank, California, and you are using your economic power to attack parents in my state. Text.

The Disney theme park near Orlando is among the most visited theme parks in the world and remains a favorite Disney brand among Americans. With its special status, Disney has secured a number of essential public services such as garbage collection or water treatment, and some elected officials fear that revoking that status will shift debts to local governments.

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