Disney files complaint against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, condemning ‘targeted retaliation’

The entertainment giant was recently penalized by Ron DeSantis for defending progressive positions.

By Le Figaro with AFP

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Disney A complaint was filed on Wednesday against the governor of Florida Ron DeSantisby equating the actions of the thrust of the American hard right, which ended the special status of the company in his state, with the campaign of “Targeted revengetowards the group. On Wednesday, Disney filed a complaint against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, equating the actions of the thrust of the American far-right, which ended the company’s special status in his state, with a campaign “Targeted revengetowards the group.

The main employer in this Southern state with Disney World theme park in Orlando, the entertainment giant was recently penalized by Ron DeSantis for advocating progressive positions. The governor, a likely candidate for the White House, made the fight against “WokezmOne of his main battle horses. In its complaint, The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Company accuses Ron DeSantis of orchestrating the “fact”countryside“to drive”Targeting government retaliationagainst him, to punish him for his practicefreedom of expression“.that”Now it threatens Disney’s business operations, endangers its economic future in the region and violates its constitutional rightsThe company argues.

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“clearly anti-trade and patently unconstitutional retaliation”

The group had angered the governor by condemning a bill that would restrict the teaching of sexual orientation-related subjects in Florida elementary schools. Since then, Ron DeSantis removed Disney’s special status from his state in February, ending the benefits the Disney World theme park has enjoyed since the 1960s. Ron DeSantis agreed Wednesday to cancel a recently signed business deal with the park, which employs 75,000 people. It attracts 50 million visitors annually.

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Disney responds by denouncing its complaint.A retaliatory measure, plainly anti-trade and plainly unconstitutionalThe group thinks soIt has no choice but to take this legal action to protect its employees, customers and partnersIn early April, Disney chairman Bob Iger publicly accused Ron DeSantis of taking “anti-trade measure“that was violated”The right to freedom of expressioncompany.

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