Linge de maison des Vosges à Gérardmer

Discovery area at Col de la Schlucht – history is on the move


Since its appearance from the ground, the Shalekht Pass has contained “the new” Significantly on the building named “Tetras 1139”. In recent weeks, two permanent exhibition rooms have relived the rich historical and economic past of Vogue Summit. The path located in the floors of the central building offers a visit that begins in antiquity and the first human occupations, up to the tourist development of the pass at 19NS century.

The Discovery Square was inaugurated on Saturday morning by the President of the Provincial Council François Vanson accompanied by a large number of elected officials and local dignitaries in particular the Governor of the Vosges Yves Seguy and Denis Paul, Vice-President of the Greater Region – Hu: to name a few. Inter-regionalism is a reality, and the rapprochement between Alsace and Vosges has allowed the development of the tourist meeting place in the amount of €7 million, of which €1 million is paid by the European Community in Alsace, €570,000 for the Grand-Oriental, €700,000 for Europe, €483,000 for the state, and the balance is produced by the department.

“The Col de la Schlucht is an emblematic site of the massif but also of the larger area “François Vanson’s remarks during his speech” Its renovation meets today’s requirements but remains firmly rooted in the country’s history«.

Thus the head of the Provincial Council sends visitors (the discovery area has been in operation since the beginning of summer) to the hunting lodge built in 1915 by Alsatian industrialists, the Artmann family. The first that will bring to others the construction of the strategic military needs of the hillside road, a real starting point for the development of winter sports in the sixties.

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” nYour wish was to open an educational website for the public to learn about the massif “Contact François Vanson” Family museum live with welcome once a week from local producers. History moves especially thanks to Damien Parmentier, Director of CD88 Services, but he is a brilliant historian “.

Prior to the guided tour of the Espace Découverte, President Vannson paid tribute to Jacques Laruel, the former mayor of Valtin who died two and a half years ago, and who contributed to the development of Col de la Schulcht and to Jean-Marie Remy, massif ski meadows.

Now there is more… to soak up a not-so-distant past, a cultural specificity, an entire country, flora, fauna and especially the population that settled on each side of the ridge line. History is moving!

Note: What does the word shalakht mean?

Of German descent, the Schlucht wants to be a strait or strait. The constriction of the rock located at an altitude of 1139 meters was at the origin of the pass that was created in 1854 with the opening of the “Marvel” Hartmann between Munster and Gerrarmer.

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