Discovering the mysterious fields of Muiraki »Science News

Discovering the mysterious fields of Muiraki »Science News

On Koekohe Beach you can enjoy the large areas that attract the attention of tourists. What is?

There are about fifty fields scattered on the shore of the coast Otago near the settlement Muraki. Some of them smash others instead, they can measure it 2 meters in diameter and weighs approx 7 tons. But what exactly?

New Zealand: Discovering the mysterious Moeraki Fields.

According to the legend spread among the aborigines, MāoriThe balls were petrified, and the pumpkin got there after the shipwreck aray-te-oro, A very large boat whose mission was to transport Maori navigators from the ancestral land of new Zealand. However, according to science, these are concrete blocks that would have formed after concrete was poured from clay Paleocene Isolated and formed by sea waves over millions of years. These are just hypotheses and the secret of their origin remains.

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