Discover the world's deepest swimming pool opened this week in Dubai

Discover the world’s deepest swimming pool opened this week in Dubai

Dubai this week set a new world record for the world’s deepest diving pool. The Guinness World Records Academy confirmed this new record to AFP.

“It is a swimming pool that is 60 meters deep, more than any other swimming pool in the world by 15 meters and twice the size,” said Jarrod Jablonski, Director of Deep Dive Dubai, which is managing the project.

He added that the pool, which opened to the public on Wednesday, “is about a submerged city.”

Underwater city, as if deserted, recreated, with sound and light effects so that divers can live different experiences and explore apartments, cars or playrooms, under the control of 56 security cameras. All this in water at a constant temperature of 30 degrees.

Here is a great new attraction!

Dive into another world at Deep Dive Dubai, home to the deepest diving pool at 60.02 metres, set to open later this month.@mr_snakesssssssssssss#Visit Dubai

– Visit Dubai FR (VisitDubai_FR) 7 July 2021

To fill this giant pond, about 1500 meters2It takes 14 million liters of water, the equivalent of six Olympic swimming pools, in a country located in the middle of the desert where the average temperature is 44 degrees.

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