Discover the magical world of femininity with “La Donna” at Espace 22

Discover the magical world of femininity with “La Donna” at Espace 22

This exhibition highlights no less than 12 artists.

New gallery to discover! From August 23 to September 12, Espace 22 welcomes you to discover “La Donna”, organized by, an organization that helps preserve and promote the artist’s artwork with certificates of authenticity.

“La Donna” presents a new look at women, as 12 artists express their own vision of femininity. Espace 22 invites you to discover ” A mosaic of emotions and perspectives that highlight feminine strength and beauty », « A unique experience that fuses artistry and femininity with endless richness. »

And so Eric Raffy, Hana Estella Marr, Mitch, Zhou Yan, Vincent Gaillard, Gregory Bussier, Doris Dee, JG Gram, Leah Vanveld, LaProtti, Frederic Fortune and Magali Zampelli are revealed. From painting to sculpture, through digital creativity, rediscover women and femininity from a new angle!

Practical information:

  • Dates: From August 23 to September 12
  • Schedules: From 10 am to 7 pm.
  • place : Area 22, 24 Boulevard d’Italia
  • Openings: Thursday August 31st ACFA x Frédéric Fortuny – “La donna en oro” & Thursday September 7th ACFA x Eric Raffy – “La donna o quasi”
  • Information: +377 92 16 51 64

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