Discover luminous sharks in the depths of the Pacific Ocean

Discover luminous sharks in the depths of the Pacific Ocean

“These animals are listed, however For the first time in the world, we can observe its brillianceScientist Jerome Malift rejoiced after Spotting Of three luminous sharks, two lantern sharks, and a leach shark, in the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand, according to reports West of France. A big step in knowing life on the sea floor.

Their light “as a disguise Or a reconnaissance signal but also to illuminate the sea floor and Surprise of preyThe researcher explains in an interview with the Belgian newspaper Evening.

these the animalsWhich has been observed by teams from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, who live in the so-called twilight or semi-shade of the ocean. Between 200 and 1000 meters. An area on the sea floor that receives very weak light, and the lack of light prevents any development of photosynthesis in plants.

Hormonal control of light

According to Belgian Scientist, there are 540 species of sharks in the world and 57 of them “will be able to emit light”. “So far we have studied seven or eight,” says one of the authors of this study of fish on the Chatham Plateau, in eastern New Zealand, which was published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Sciences.

These sharks “don’t seem to produce their light in the same way as other bioluminescent animals”:Control of the light production system with hormones, While most of the organisms observed so far use nerve control to excite their light, ”Jerome Malefitt continues.

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these Sharks It is less than two meters in length. The Lychee Shark, at 1.80 meters long, “becomes the largest of all luminous vertebrates known”.

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